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Motherhood…. you’re gonna need an arsenal

  I don’t think anyone really ever taught me how to be a Mom. I was raised with some of the fundamentals, wash your kids, feed your kids, make sure they don’t kill each other, and make sure you don’t kill them… you know, the important fundamentals of parenting. Everything else, I was on my own! I’ve been a mom…

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Cultivating Home

Cultivating my nest is probably my most favorite of things. Raising the little birds in our lovely nest, becomes even more exciting when I get to exercise my creative talents. And it is time to refresh! Greg and I have purchased a new house. It is a lovely ranch house with a little barn and corral. We plan on purchasing…

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Mom! What’s for dinnnnner?

I’m always looking for fast, yet delicious, and somewhat healthy(ish) kinds of dinner ideas. Crockpots are always a great idea, but I don’t own one, so it’s impossible for me to utilize these wonderful inventions…. without signing into my amazon prime account anyway 😜. So, F A S T. How can I possibly make homemade, fast, and somewhat healthy delicious…

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Who Says Mom Needs a Shower?

The image of productivity, has changed significantly for me since Willow’s birth. No longer do I rise at the crack of dawn to trek into a job that I cannot claim to miss. I am still up at the crack of dawn, albeit,  for much different reasons and a new role which has much more meaning. There are days that…

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The Gig is Up

Vacuuming. It’s a simple enough word, a simple enough task. Yet, I can’t recall the last time I took my vacuum out of the closet. I know my husband has vacuumed, hell, even my oldest child has vacuumed once or twice since baby Willow was born, but me, well, I don’t think I’ve vacuumed my house since before May 2,…

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