While Jon Snow was most concerned with winter, I am more concerned with shedding my winter layers for a more nekked style coat, aka, a bikini. And that friends, is why I need to jump start my metabolism, boost my immune system, and ahem, detox my liver (winter boozing was in full effect!)

I created my own master cleanse after going through IVF four years ago. I put on about 35 pounds of sad weight. I say “sad weight” because, it was the weight I gained after several pregnancy losses and my body being pumped full of IVF hormones…. and, the booze and comfort eats that came with it.

I knew that I needed to loose the weight and purify my body. I needed to cleanse my heart and my body, and shed that sad weight. So, I amped up my exercise, decreased my caloric intake, implemented clean eating, and developed a daily cleansing drink that I want to share with you! With these three components, I safely lost 35lbs in 8 months and have kept it off, even through my successful pregnancy!

This cleanse has all of the important components: immune and metabolic boosters, plus liver purifying properties….. But, it is also low calorie, delicious, and contains just 5 ingredients! So, it is super EASY to boot!

Here you go!

6 lemons
5 strawberries
1 tsp Cayenne pepper
Honey, stevia, or agave nectar to taste
1 liter of Filtered water

Juice the 6 lemons, purée the strawberries, add cayenne pepper, honey and 1 liter of filtered water. This concoction will make about 2 liters, and will keep for several days when refrigerated. You can dilute it with more water to stretch out the use. I usually drink mostly just this concoction for several days, so adding water to the mix helps stretch it out that long. In order to achieve the best results from this cleanse, it is vital that you eat cleanly as well.