IMG_7087.JPGProducts!  Don’t we all love a great product?  Well, I sure do!  So, let me tell you about my favorite watch designer….

Daniel Wellington!

I bought my Daniel Wellington watch about 8 months ago. It is truly a beautiful, classic time piece! There are several face sizes to pick from for women; 26mm, 34mm, and 36mm. I went with the classic 36mm white face in rose gold finish, because well, I love all the rose gold things!

I think my favorite thing about the watch, besides the classic look and rose gold finish, would definitely have to be the selection of BANDS! There is such a variety to choose from, that you can literally compliment your entire wardrobe with the selection! Because you can change your band to match nearly everything in your wardrobe, you really only ever need one time piece! What a bargain!

I’ve owned a variety of watches, by a variety of different designers, and Daniel Wellington watches are the most lightweight and classic of all the designs, and they also come in a variety of different finishes! They are priced super well, with prices starting around $150usd!

{hint, hint to my hubby for our upcoming wedding anniversary 😉}  I may need a few new bands!