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February 2017

Roasted Red Peppers Garlic

I can’t quite find a title to do this recipe justice. This is just a recipe that is so simple, but so damn delicious, that you will get excited every time you make it! 4-5 large red bell peppers 1/2 olive oil or sunflower oil 2 tbsps red wine vinegar 5 cloves of garlic (finely chopped) Dash of salt Fresh…

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Soup du jour

Soup, is where it’s at! And I do soup, very well! I love how a good soup can warm you up on a cold day. I also appreciate, how soup has healing properties for your soul! I consider soup the ultimate in comfort food, but without the caloric devastation of comfort food (for the most part anyway). I make several…

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You sleep, I sleep, we all sleep….

I co-sleep, and not just with my husband. We also sleep with little Miss Willow. I’ve tried to put her in her own bed. Honestly! I’ve tried. Willow possesses a dog’s penchant for smelling all the things, because if I’m even 6 inches away from her…. she sets out to find me. If she doesn’t find me within that six…

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Ricotta Be Kidding Me

I’m about to give you something that will change your life! No need to thank me, just enjoy! I’ve spent my entire life buying H U G E amounts of ricotta cheese. Seriously! Ricotta cheese is a staple in my home. It has a variety of uses, on toast with jam, in a pasta bake, soups, pizza, and the list…

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