Let’s talk about sex, after bay-bay.

Willow is almost 9 months old. And this past 9 months have been amazing! What hasn’t been amazing, is the postpartum sex, actually both the lack of it, and sadly the act of it (in the rare times it has taken place). I’m pretty confident that sex has happened 3 times…. THREE. And I’m not talking about three times in a week or a month. I’m talking three times in 9 months. That is it. Three.

Sex, is honestly the F A R T H E S T thing from my mind. My heart was in it……. my vagina was involved…… but, that folks, was it. On a scale of zero to I want to get it on, my libido is at a negative million. I’m pretty confident that i won’t WANT to have sex again, ever.

It isn’t that my hubby isn’t sexy….. because, he is! He’s got the best tush and biceps in town! And don’t even get me started on the accent! I’m just not feeling it. I’m a big time introvert. An INFJ (can we say rare gem?) to be exact. So, for me, touch is extremely draining. Touch, noise, people, life, all drain my energy. I become over stimulated, very easy. With a wee baby in the house who needs constant touch, nursing, and everything else …. being touched by my hubby is the last thing in the world I can tolerate, let alone sex.

I feel horrible about the lack of affection I have been giving my hubby. He is as patient as I could expect him to be. But, I know, that his patience is waning…….. B I G time! I’m confident that once the baby is done with breastfeeding, and my hormones have stabilized, that my libido will come back …. hopefully. Just in time to hopefully get pregnant again….. so basically I won’t be putting out for the next couple years …. yikes! Sorry babe!

So I sit here, a horrible housewife, a decent mom, an affectionately challenged wife, but a decent cook kinda girl….. who has a hubby she probably doesn’t deserve…..

I say…… Cheers to the flawed. Cheers to the raw. Cheers to all the mama’s who know that perfection is a myth and being a sub-par wife, mama, friend, human, is probably more realistic. 🍻🥂