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January 2017

Bom Chikka Wow Wow ….whomp whomp whomp

Let’s talk about sex, after bay-bay. Willow is almost 9 months old. And this past 9 months have been amazing! What hasn’t been amazing, is the postpartum sex, actually both the lack of it, and sadly the act of it (in the rare times it has taken place). I’m pretty confident that sex has happened 3 times…. THREE. And I’m…

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Just Another Bad Apple 🍎

If your family is anything like my family, you have a lot of food that tends to get thrown away. It never seems to fail that I buy something and suddenly, it disappears because everyone decides that said item is the hot food item in the house. In an effort to counter this, I buy a surplus of the heavily…

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Let’s Get Gnudi

I love pasta, and generally I serve some version of pasta at least twice a week for dinner. Sometimes I make my own pasta, sometimes it is is just the store bought version. Homemade pasta can make me weak in the knees…… but something I’ve never made before is, gnudi! Gnudi is the ricotta version of gnocchi. So basically they…

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