The image of productivity, has changed significantly for me since Willow’s birth. No longer do I rise at the crack of dawn to trek into a job that I cannot claim to miss.

I am still up at the crack of dawn, albeit,  for much different reasons and a new role which has much more meaning. There are days that a shower doesn’t even come on my radar. I bathe with Willow in the evening, so there is that, but the soul cleansing shower…. That may happen once or twice a week {most likely once}. So, on the days I get out of my pajamas and throw some makeup on, are the days that I feel like I concurred the world {and need to go out into said world}.

I struggle with reminding myself that out of all of the job roles I’ve had, this staying home and caring for Willow gig, is by far the most important role I’ve ever had. Sadly, I wasn’t in the position with my first two children to stay home. So, I had to entrust the raising of my first two babies, to complete strangers! That broke my heart, everyday. However, even with that in mind, I still struggle with the fact that I am not earning a paycheck.

I am completely dependent on Greg {oddly, I think he prefers it this way}. This is new, uncharted, territory for me to navigate. I’ve always depended upon myself, and this was a role I was comfortable with {I didn’t need a man} 😜. This new role, albeit gratifying, has my anxiety levels sky high. I’m not complaining, I’m just trying to find my bearings and some time to shower on a regular basis.