Our Little Backyard Farm
I would love to tell you that I have a green thumb, but I do not. Frankly, growing any sort of plant is apparently not a skill I possess. I seem to kill all living green things. My talent of murdering helpless plants seems to extend to every plant except weeds. This doesn’t stop me from planting every year in hopes that I will be able to consume just one tiny tomato or squash, hell at this point, I’d settle for corn. I mean, how hard can corn be to grow? H A R D.

C’est la vie…… No veggies for me.

This farm is sounding pretty pathetic…. So let’s move on to my fun little hens.

Greg and I bit the bullet and bought ourselves some baby chicks last April. Five sweet little chicks to be exact. We bought two Ameruacanas {aka Eastereggers} and 3 Bearded Silkies. I am the crazy, animal loving, lady who names her chickens. Yes, I named my chickens. The two Ameruacanas are Poppy and Honey, and the three Silkies are Nettle, Sunny, and Twig. We unfortunately lost one of our silkies, Sunny, because she was born with a scissor beak which made it very difficult for her to get enough to eat and this led to her being very thin. Last December, we had several weeks of very cold weather and our little Sunny didn’t survive the cold. I will forever miss my little Sunny Bunny. Fortunately, our other four hens are doing very well! Our Ameruacanas are giving us about two eggs each PER DAY! The Silkies are averaging two per week each…. Not a bad haul at all! We have officially been getting enough eggs that we can give about half of our eggs per week!

I spend a considerable amount of time daydreaming about what other animals we can add to our little homestead. I think a goat or two would work well for us….. But, I really want a Jersey Cow! Sadly, I’m going to have to wait for the heifer, until we have a bit more land.