My husband and I bit the bullet, so to speak, and we took our newborn on her first camping trip.

We spent the weekend in central California at Lake Lopez. The trip went really well. Little Willow is such an easygoing little baby, so the whole trip was very pleasant. The heat was an issue for the first couple of days, however we had air conditioning in our coach, so that was a huge help.

Since we traveled with another couple and their child and his friend, entertaining my eleven year old son Lucas wasn’t left to us adults {phew}. We did take his electric dirt bike, which provided hours upon hours of entertainment for all three boys. Also, we spent a good portion of Saturday and Sunday enjoying the lake via pontoon boat. Who doesn’t love a pontoon boat? Little Willow even enjoyed the boating.

The little village of Arroyo Grande was a great distraction for us ladies on Sunday. I wrapped Willow up in the baby wrap and perused the open stores. Because it was Sunday, much of the village was closed, but we still managed to enjoy a couple of hours of walking and shopping.

Back in the campground we enjoyed great conversation, cocktails and several rousing games of corn hole, which I have a surprising knack for even while holding a baby {who knew?}.

The goal of the trip was to spend time as family and friends, a goal which I can safely say was accomplished.